Amsterdam – hints and tips

Amsterdam Street Art Wake Up

Amsterdam. Being for a long time on my bucket list, I finally got to visit this amazing city. It was not only for coffee’s sake, but also architecture, kinky boutiques and street art. Dutch capital city has it all. Next time I’ll focus more on food and proper sightseeing. Proper meaning after the season, when the queues to national galleries and museums are shorter than Chinese Wall.
Enjoy the glimpses from my trip and tell me, if You have also fallen hard for A’dam…
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Amsterdam Coffee Scene

Quartier Putain Amsterdam
Here are couple of postcards from Amsterdam and its coffee scene. In this particular I attached pictures from 5 cafés I liked the most with some short recommendation and impressions: Scandinavian Embassy, White Label Coffee, LOT61, Coffee Company (Oosterdok) and Quartier Putain.
In the next post I’ll give some hints and tips while visiting Amsterdam’s
caffeinated and cultural scene. Stay tuned!

The Barn, Berlin

The Barn Berlin Drip Coffee

I wanted to visit The Barn to find out why THIS PARTICULAR coffee place is so popular among the so-called Hipsters from all over the world.
And honestly – I have no f***ing idea.
I recommend a visit there just to sit upon a good cup of Joe, do some people-watching (yes, I am a friendly stalker.) And for a moment to breathe.
I don’t really get the hype, but hey – as long as there’s coffee, there’s hope.

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The Coffee Collective, Kopenhaga, Dania


I had the pleasure of visiting The Coffee Collective for the first time in summer 2014. I lived in Copenhagen during a language course, dormitories were located inappropriately close to Jægersborggade, so consequently it was the place, where you could meet me in my free time.

In 2017 I couldn’t believe my eyes. The tiny café turned into a bigger one, with an extra room in the back of the building. More people to share coffee love with!