STOR, Warsaw

Warsaw, capital city of Poland. The biggest, the busiest and the most caffeinated one. STOR cafe, located in a quite hipstery district Powiśle serves not only high-quality beverages, but also shows Polish approach to international design. With its high windows, pastel/ earthy colors and generally unpretentious, though snug and cozy design makes you want to stay here for a little longer than one cup. You’d better take a book or a friend. Continue reading “STOR, Warsaw”

Coffeedesk, Kołobrzeg, Poland

I love to travel. I love coffee and I love people (that one is sometimes questionable, though). But I also lololove  to enjoy little things (yups, boys, you’ve heard me – size doesn’t matter) and every-day life. So after a quite busy schedule – a little cup of joy at one of my favorite coffeespots at home feels just comforting. Especially when in good company and in pleasant surroundings. Welcome to Kołobrzeg’s black pearl – Coffeedesk.  Continue reading “Coffeedesk, Kołobrzeg, Poland”

London coffee – part I

Caffeine inside logo neon break United Kingdom London Coffee Alternative

When in London, coffee is a must. Since it’s pretty cheap to fly there from Poland*. I was in the win-win situation, as I visited my friend, whom I travelled also to Brighton and Bristol with. Brighton was a blast! Just let me warn you – lots of LGBT parades and electronically music festivals take place in Brighton during summer, if you’re more into family holidaythen maybe skip it on your bucket list as your kids might get little shocked. Go rather to Eastbourne- similar views, but more peaceful atmosphere. 🙂 Ok, but speaking of London… I’ve decided to take my time, enjoy smells, tastes, places and views more carefully and therefore visit maximum 2-3 places per trip.

Continue reading “London coffee – part I”