STOR, Warsaw

Warsaw, capital city of Poland. The biggest, the busiest and the most caffeinated one. STOR cafe, located in a quite hipstery district Powiśle serves not only high-quality beverages, but also shows Polish approach to international design. With its high windows, pastel/ earthy colors and generally unpretentious, though snug and cozy design makes you want to stay here for a little longer than one cup. You’d better take a book or a friend. Continue reading “STOR, Warsaw”

Coffeedesk, Kołobrzeg, Poland

I love to travel. I love coffee and I love people (that one is sometimes questionable, though). But I also lololove  to enjoy little things (yups, boys, you’ve heard me – size doesn’t matter) and every-day life. So after a quite busy schedule – a little cup of joy at one of my favorite coffeespots at home feels just comforting. Especially when in good company and in pleasant surroundings. Welcome to Kołobrzeg’s black pearl – Coffeedesk.  Continue reading “Coffeedesk, Kołobrzeg, Poland”

Original Coffee Copenhagen

Currently there will be a little more about Copenhagen and the coffee scene here. It’s my current home, so I drink a lot of coffee, of course, the ultimate goal – to develop passion.
After a few months I return to known places such as Original Coffee in order to observe the changes. With a beating heart enjoying every single sip.
Do you know that feeling? A little like going to meet Michael Jackson. But it is a room filled with people. And serves coffee. God, how dry. Please eat and read.

Continue reading “Original Coffee Copenhagen”