Chemex Workshops at Drukarnia

When I say: “I like coffee”, people’s average reaction is “Cool, me too.” and then I try to explain ” No, dude, I REALLY like it. Like you like your girl-/ boyfriend”. But it’s sometimes our relationship is like most often used status on FB – complicated. Our love is pretty tough.

In order to make our relationship easier, ergo to understand each other more and enroll our communication skills I try to attend to all the possible workshops, cuppings, lectures etc. This time I had an opportunity to attend to workshops about my favorite brewing method – Chemex.

What the f**k is Chemex?!

Chemex is a coffee brewing device, shaped like an hourglass carafe made of good quality glass that does not break under the influence of temperature. It is  a pour over, i.e. Drip. It was designed by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 (oldie, but goldie!) in New York and is manufactured in Chicopee, Massachusettes (Glass in Germany).

Chemex is also a design object (that is another reason why I love it!)
It’s exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in NY. The Illinois institute of technology has placed chemex on the list of 100 best-designed utility objects in modern history.

Workshop – bunch of useful beanformation 

Workshops were lead by Haider Adams, a 2017 Chemex Word Champion. This talented boy used to work at Drukarnia, where the event found place.
Thanks to him participants got to know:

  • what is Chemex and what are the differences between this and other brewing methods
  • how different variables e.g. TDS, extraction and water influence the taste
  • how to fold the filter “like a boss” (it really works! :D)
  • what kind of beans and grinders are best for that purpose

    It’s all in the detail

We used beans from Rwanda Ruvumbu, roasted by Rebel Bean, Czech Republic. General taste was round, fruity though a bit bitter. I must admit that all the information was provided. Now I don’t feel like a total beginner in terms of terminology, as there were no stupid questions. It was both professional and fun.

Water Coffee is life

Did you know, that only 1,2% of coffee is dissolved and the rest (98,8%) of your cuppa Joe is…water? According to SCA it is approximately 1,4% for pour over beverages. TDS means Total Dissolved Solids, which is the amount of coffee dissolved in the water/ of dissolved coffee elements in the brew. That’s why water is so important. If TDS is low (<1.20 TDS), coffee will appear watery to us, if it is high (> 1.40 TDS), the coffee will taste more intense. Espresso has about 9-10 TDS in comparison. More about coffeematics soon 😉


Despite the fact that I already brewed Chemex, this time it felt kind of special, as Haider and I know each other and I really admire his contribution not only to Drukarnia, but also to my knowledge. And I even heard “drinkable”, when he tried my brew. Hell yeah!
I customized it, partially by accident, as I went for 40 seconds of blooming instead of 30 and therefore prolongated the whole brewing process to 4’40”, I was kind of proud of the result though.

Enjoy the pics!
Credits: Aleksandra Klonowska










Have you ever tried brewing Chemex on your own?
How was it?

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  1. Your blog is one of the better blogs I’ve came across in months. Thank you for your posts and all the best with your work and blog. Looking forward to reading new entries!

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