STOR, Warsaw

Warsaw, capital city of Poland. The biggest, the busiest and the most caffeinated one. STOR cafe, located in a quite hipstery district Powiśle serves not only high-quality beverages, but also shows Polish approach to international design. With its high windows, pastel/ earthy colors and generally unpretentious, though snug and cozy design makes you want to stay here for a little longer than one cup. You’d better take a book or a friend.



My friend and I decided to order something different to actually feel the taste. As I already had my Chemex at another tasty gem in Warsaw, I went for my second favorite – espresso doppio. It was brewed from Berlin’s Bonanza Coffee beans and tasted as it should. Bitter-ish, full-bodied and round. My friend’s cappuccino with its foamy swan on the top was smooth, though a bit too acidic at the end. All in all – 8/10 🙂


I loved barista’s style – blue hair, tunnels in the ears, tattoos (lol, wow), but his puppy face softened this quite edgy look. His friend wasn’t responsible for our order, but the thing I liked about both of them was, that they were really customer-oriented and did their best in terms of achieving best quality. The blue barista (sorry for not asking about names, I was just too excited with the place itself, my bad…haha) even came to us apologizing for imperfect latte art! Now all the customers bitching about Varsovian service in the cafés – raise their hands. I have no complaints, even though I know how annoying customers can be, especially in the place which is very instagrammable.


Oh the interiors at STOR… Despite small space, it is really well-organized. There’s some space next to the counter by the window and by the long table for laptop-people, and some small tables around the room for the chilling ones. Palm leaves on the wall, golden details – also on the cups, CAFE-neon (those kind of none seem to be a trend in Warsaw. I saw them at SHUK, UBAR and … I like it’s minimalistic, though eye-catching effect.) Above mentioned cups are customized with little O and coffee places name on the bottom, so there’s a little surprise at the end. Yes, I’m easy to enchant with little things.

STOR café
Tamka 33, 00-355 Warszawa
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