Coffeedesk, Kołobrzeg, Poland

I love to travel. I love coffee and I love people (that one is sometimes questionable, though). But I also lololove  to enjoy little things (yups, boys, you’ve heard me – size doesn’t matter) and every-day life. So after a quite busy schedule – a little cup of joy at one of my favorite coffeespots at home feels just comforting. Especially when in good company and in pleasant surroundings. Welcome to Kołobrzeg’s black pearl – Coffeedesk. 

If you are on your holidays by the Polish seaside – in Kołobrzeg, then Coffeedesk is a go-to place, no matter if you are a coffeelover, a barista, a tourist or a cat. As long as you like good quality, good design and friendly people – this place will deliver it all. Sit down and let the magic happen.


My usual beverage here is definately Chemex or espresso doppio macchiato. This time a had the second one, brewed by a lovely barista (girls to the front! ;)) Kill me now, but I haven’t noted down what kind of beans I have chosen at that point. But for espresso’s sake I usually go for Brasilian ones, as I love their nutty-chocolaty kind of aftertaste. Bitter. Full-bodied. Round. Yes, please.



I am not so close to the team of baristas there as in the other coffeeshop I really like, but I must admit, that they are customer-oriented, friendly, always ready to deliver information you need about the beverage you are about to indulge. What is more – there is a possibility of becoming a home barista or enrolling your brewing skills thanks to 3 different courses they offer, e.g. latte art. (Mom, you’re reading it, right?! No pressure.) Hospitality level hard. I also am amazed by the way they run their blog and social media. Simple with a pinch of good irony and a whole lotta love for coffee and people.
I have a dream, that I could write a post on their blog or that we could collaborate at some point. May the force be with them! (and me, please?)


Coffee desk’s space is on-point. Not only lovely cups form Loveramics , but generally, ALL of it. Workspace with comfy chairs and good lightening. And high chairs by the window (my another love) with funny cats drawn on the sits.
Btw. Cats are characteristic for Coffeedesk – you even get small cats drawn on every pack you purchase from their online shop. Now that’s what I call good Customer Sevice! 🙂


I pay a lot of attention to the light and comfortable, ergonomic chairs and tables, when it comes to working at cafés. There is nothing worse than sitting in a cozy place that perceives itself as freelancers-friendly, without any possibility to sit for longer than 1h because of back-pain or feeling like a mole. I don’t dig it.

Coffeedesk Kawiarnia
Warsaw: Wilcza 42, 00-678
Kołobrzeg: Mazowiecka 24, 78-102
Facebook, Instagram, Official Website


Do You also pay attention to light and ergonomics in cafés?
Have you ever been to Coffeedesk? 

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