Third Wave Wichteln 2017 Update

Ho ho ho! I was (trying to be) a good girl this year and apparently I got lucky, as the coffee Third Wave Wichteln Santa came to me some days ago. And I’m sorry to ruin your childhood dreams… Santa is German. And she’s a girl.

This is what I got from Anna.

Hanuta – a taste of childhood.

I can clearly recall the taste of Hanuta. Oh sweet memories of getting it from my grandparents. When my little brother and I got one, it was usually for special occasions like Christmas or birthdays. And the we ate it with small bites, enjoying every tiny crumble. I know for some of you it might not be anything but a waffle with chocolate filling, but hey – it tastes like special childhood moments for me.


It is the first time I got to taste coffee from jb roasters, and no surprise surprise, they are delicious! Ethiopia Yirgachefe Kochere (washed), juicy, though not too juicy – more of a sweet ones. I asked baristas at Coffeedesk to grind them so I could brew them as drip coffee. I guess a proper grinder will be my next Christmas wish… 😉

Tote bag & postcard

All of the commodities were packed in a nice tote bag with a big I <3 ULM on the frontside. Additionally, Anna added a postcard from her hometown with some wishes written down – I really appreciate this personal approach. And wupti – I can still believe in Santa! Now deal with it all of you doubtful adults, you lost!

Have you ever participated in Third Wave Wichteln’s Secret Santa? What do you think about the idea? Write a comment or an email, I’ll be more than happy to share some thoughts 🙂

Cheers! 🙂

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