Copenhagen Coffee Lab, Lisbon

Miradouros, pasteis de nata, those handsome Joãos, sun and most beautiful architecture accompanied by tasty coffee brewed by Copenhagen Coffee Lab and local food? Not enough?  Read along and tell me how you feel…

After couple of rush hours during Web Summit, having a coffee break here was healing my homesick soul in love with Lisbon. Yes, Copenhagen feels like home, but I could easily move to Lisbon. I mean how can you not fall in love with the alpha-level global city or rather one of the oldest cities in the world.
This Mediterranean pearl has lots to offer, just let the rhythm of the streets lead you…

Bairo Alto has lots of hidden gems of this kind to offer. Copenhagen Coffee Lab, sister café of the one in Copenhagen. Two sisters running two cafés – one in Lisbon, one in Denmark. When entering, you almost feel like home, taking a bite of the yummy kanelsnegle and sipping bitter espresso.



Neither did espresso, nor flat white disappoint me. Paired with very very cinnamon kanelsnegle reminded me not only of Scandinavia and approaching Christmas, but also of...Amsterdam. Though – flat white could’ve been a bit warmer, as it was almost cold.



Perfect as a workplace or as a hangout space. Mother, pet and children friendly place.
The big bord on the right in the picture below is laptop-free. Sound familiar? 😉
I like those kind of bords. People tend to drop by and instead of saying “Hello”, first sentence that comes out of their mouth is “What’s the wifi password?”.
In my café it will be “Hello”. I’d feel like Mahatma G. –  passive resistance.



Of course speaking Danish! That was a nice refreshment, opportunity to chit chat in my second mother tongue. Looking very Scandinavian (or hipsterish?!)- tattooed, dressed black and white, but smiling end welcoming 🙂 DOn’t hesitate to ask about the beans, you’ll get the answer and a possibility to take a sip of the beans you want your beverage to be based on.


Pssst…They are opening 3 (!) new places in Lisbon soon!

Do You think it is a good idea to open sister-cafés in other parts of the world? Or should they have more of a local climate?


Copenhagen Coffee Lab
R. Nova da Piedade 10, 1200-298 Lisboa


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