Café Bertrand, Lisbon

Bertrand was recognized in 2010 as the world’s oldest (still open) bookshop in the world by the Guinness World Records. Last time we visited a coffee place with some home touch, this time it’s time for Portugal. But hey… that’s not the end, so stay updated with my coffee trip du Lisbon.
Bom dia
and welcome to Café Bertrand.

I thought to myself: Ok, you always find best places while you…get lost. So that’s what I did this time. And oh well, I needed some fuel after little shopping  sightseeing… that is how I stumbled upon this little treasure in Chiado, Lisbon.  For its 285th birthday, Bertrand recently inaugurated Bertrand Café with the beautiful concept “Taste our books” and guess what – their recipes are inspired by books.


Delta is Portuguese coffee company, which used to distribute coffee from Angola, which until 1973 was Portuguese colony. It tasted a bit bitter, like dark chocolate- comparable to Brazilian blends or singles. Perfect for the wake-up-break and paired with an almond pudding. Unfortunately I didn’t capture it, as my sweet tooth was faster…


One of the nicest baristas I have EVER met, really helpful when it comes to advice about local miradouros and wines. I cam back later that day to try them when whole city center was perfectly lit to enjoy with a glass of red wine…
If you are lucky, you can enjoy their specialities in company of one of the international Chefs like José Avillez, Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey.


Coffee itself is served in cups with Delta logo on. Call it product placement, I call it Portuguese pride 😉 Well deserved! As Bertrand is part of a book store, you have an opportunity to enjoy your book right after purchasing it and while sipping that black gold. So walk through the corridor exploring every room (each named after a Portuguese author) until you reach the end. Then sit for a while at Fernando Pessoa’s room.

Café Bertrand
R. Garrett 73,
1200-309 Lisboa
Facebook, Official website

What kind of cafés do you visit while traveling?
Local ones? Chain coffee shops? Or you mix it?
Let me know, I’m curious!

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