Røde Roses, Nørrebro Copenhagen


This time we’re visitting my hood, Nørrebro. Even though it has been a bit messy here lately, it is still one of Copenhagener’s my favourite districts.
So – feel welcome, enjoy the autumn stroll and have a break at Røde Roses, a cozy little jazz oase.

My hood

Røde Roses Kaffebar is a hyggelig café in the most multicultural neighbourhood of Copenhagen – Nørrebro. I’m quite a fast customer there, as I live nearby. It’s not a classical hip place, like this one, and they do not serve alternative brews, but it’s worth paying a visit because of many reasons. As I pay a lot attention to local culture and always try to stay up-to-date with new places popping up hist og her, I sometimes like to turn off my inner wanderlust and just be here and now, peoplewatch and sip coffee. Then Røde Roses is a place.


Taste and design

Beans are freshly grinded and baristas are sympathetic. My to-go choice is mostly americano or cortado. You will find a wide range of breakfasts/ lunch, which are homemade, from traditional Danish smørrebrød  aka open sandwiches with eggs & tomatoes to homemade cookies and cakes (mostly cheesecake with mascarpone and berries on the top and glutenfree brownie).
Coffee is served in Kähler ceramic cups, which stresses Danish interest in good quality design with a traditional touch.

Not only cigarettes go well with coffee….

What is more, the music is ALWAYS great, smooth jazz on rainy days or David Bowie (yes, that’s also the coolest WiFi password so far!) during sunny ones. Never overwhelming, always charming. Café’s owner, Tue, organized a little Jazz Festival there this summer, which was acknowledged in a famous Danish newspaper, Politiken. That’s a blast!

Røde Roses Kaffebar
Baldersgade 65, 2200
Copenhagen N

Check out their vinyl and cook book collection. Leave your watch at home and let yourself go with Nørrebro’s flow…

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